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HOW-TO for club admins: Add or remove instructors

Apr 14, 2022


In the video below we explain how to give instructors access to the ClubJoy Instructor App.

We also cover how to deny instructors access again.

Please note: You must have an admin account for the club to be able to add or remove instructors.

Do you prefer to read?  Then go to the end of this page for the step-by-step plan.

Click here to go directly to the Instructor backend

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Written roadmap

  1.  You log in to a backend developed for this app. Click here to log in with your own known log-in data. The same login as for the memberarea. CAUTION: you cannot log in to the app with this data, you can only log into the new backend with it.
  2. As soon as you are logged into the backend, you will see Your club name is shown. When you click on it, all active licences are displayed.
  3. The next step is add your instructor team. > next line Click on users (left in the picture)
  4. Then click on + create (on the right-hand side of the screen in red). 2 bars will appear that you can fill in with the e-mail address of the instructor and password you choose for your instructorPlease note: The system may have already filled in these lines with the name of the club. You can transfer them immediately. The system only shows a proposal text here.
  5. You can then click in the same field on ADD clicks under licences to link a programme, or several programmes, to the instructor. A line appears where you can type the name of the programme (e.g. Power). Click on the programme shown to add it. Then click on save.
  6. Go back to the clubs section, click on club name you will see that the instructor has been added to the licence(s).
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for adding more colleagues.
  8. Inform your colleague(s) yourself of the login details you have created for him/her so that they can download the app from the stores and log in.  Please note: save the data of your colleagues yourself.

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