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HOW-TO: create your own playlist

Apr 7, 2022

This how-to explains how you can make your own playlist for a specific ClubJoy program.

Please note: you can mix music in a playlist per programme. This means you cannot combine music from different ClubJoy programs (for example ClubJoy Cycle and Yoga)

Here are the steps to do this:

1. Go to 'Music' and go back to the 'Choose your programme' option:

2. Choose the program you would like to make a playlist for and press on Playlist in the menu. 

3. Now add tracks by pressing on the pencil button in the right top corner of your screen:

4. Next press the "Add Tracks" button

5. Now you can add tracks by searching for them in the search box (1) or just scrolling through the releases.

6. Add a Track to the playlist by pressing on it (2)

7. Finally, change the order of the tracks to your wishes and then press the 'Save' button on the bottom of your screen.

8. After saving, press the back button to go to your playlist and play it. Note: Here you are also able to download it for offline use.  Please be aware of the fact that if you use music of several different releases, the app needs to download every release. This can take a bit more storage capacity!

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