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ClubJoy Pilates

ClubJoy Pilates is a highly accessible 45-minute workout to great music, focusing on posture, body awareness and breath. In a series of physical exercises linked to the breath, you work on your posture, coordination, strength, stability and flexibility. It is the core training that can be seen as the basis for all other forms of movement. ClubJoy Pilates is low-threshold and places great emphasis on performing the exercises effectively and safely. It is the ideal class if you want to increase your body awareness.

Is ClubJoy Pilates right for me?

ClubJoy Pilates is perfect for anyone wanting to work on posture, core strength, balance and flexibility. This accessible form of exercise is suitable for all levels and is perfect for shaping the stomach, buttocks and legs. ClubJoy Pilates is suitable for all women and men, regardless of their fitness levels.

What does a ClubJoy Pilates class look like?

At ClubJoy Pilates you work with the strong power house that is your body, throughout the class. By forming a harness of basic tension around your pelvis, hips, abdomen, back and shoulders, you will create the strength and stability to perform all exercises safely. The deeper stabilising muscles are put to work as you train the abdomen, buttocks, legs and back. Throughout the lesson you will be reminded of the correct basic posture needed to move safely and effectively. The class ends with a short period of relaxation.


ClubJoy Pilates is part of the ClubJoy SPECIALS package

ClubJoy SPECIALS consists of seven programmes. ClubJoy Pilates, ClubJoy NRG, ClubJoy Dance Party, ClubJoy Battle have a workout duration of 45 minutes. ClubJoy Booty, ClubJoy Step and ClubJoy Hiit Barbell have a workout duration of 30 minutes. The programmes can be combined to achieve a one-hour workout (mix and match) or the ClubJoy SPECIALS programmes can be offered separately as workouts.

ClubJoy SPECIALS is a complete package, offering clubs and instructors a high degree of flexibility. The ClubJoy SPECIALS programmes can also be taken separately. 

Please find an overview of all the programmes that are part of the ClubJoy SPECIALS package here:

ClubJoy Pilates

ClubJoy Pilates advantages

  • You learn to work out safely and effectively from a stable core.
  • You determine the intensity of the training.
  • Strong focus on stabilising and strengthening the abdomen, back and buttocks.
  • Simple and therefore suitable for everyone.

ClubJoy Pilates results

  • Higher muscle strength and muscular endurance of the core, buttocks and legs.
  • Improved posture, balance, coordination and general well-being.
  • The development of body awareness for everyday life.

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