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Is ClubJoy Fit&Shape® right for me?

ClubJoy Fit&Shape is the class for everyone who enjoys a good workout and lots of fun! This class is guaranteed to put you in a good mood, no matter how tough your day has been. After Half an hour of simple fitness training you will switch to half an hour of strength training. During this class you will train your body from head to toe. Although this workout is not difficult, the good vibes and high energy are contagious!

What can I expect from a ClubJoy Fit&Shape® lesson?

During a ClubJoy Fit&Shape class you will experience an innovative and exceedingly clever workout aimed at muscle toning and improving your overall fitness. The workout is designed with the most recent scientific training insights in mind. Heart rate increasing elements and strength exercises are alternated. You will train with loose plates, a tube and a mat, which will make your workout more challenging and diverse. The enthusiastic coach and the uplifting music provide an optimal energy boost and are sure to put a smile on your face!

What makes a ClubJoy Fit&Shape® lesson so special?

ClubJoy Fit&Shape is the next level total body workout! You train your whole body and work on endurance, strength and coordination. The class creates a positive mind-set and gives a powerful mental boost. Never before has a workout been so versatile and effective. The great music, team spirit, challenging exercises and, of course, a top instructor, will lead to unprecedented energy levels in the room. This class feels like a night out. Even though you will work up a sweat, you'll feel as if you have the energy levels of a child again, and will leave feeling extremely satisfied.

Benefits ClubJoy Fit&Shape

  • The most complete and varied group lesson from ClubJoy.
  • You improve your condition, coordination, flexibility and strength in one workout.
  • This workout gives you a fitter body and an energy boost.
  • Best available experience and motivation thanks to outstanding team dynamics, compelling music and top coaches.

Get fit.
Enjoy the moves.

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The ClubJoy trainings for instructors, in combination with our programmes, are designed to enable instructors to host well-balanced, well-constructed group classes with a focus on the "fun" factor. This is essential for a positive customer experience and enjoy-ability of the group lessons in a sports club.

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