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ClubJoy has a wide range of virtual workouts varying in type, intensity and duration. If you choose ClubJoy Virtual Multifunctional, your members will have a constant choice of over 400 virtual workouts.

ClubJoy Virtual Multifunctional



ClubJoy Virtual Multifunctional consists of a package with 50 workout variants. Yoga, Dance, Cycle, Power, Core, Box Fight, Booty Kids, HIIT etc. Several releases of each variation are continuously available.



The newest releases of the workouts will be made available every quarter. The releases of the last four quarters are available on the virtual player, so you will have more than 200 different workouts at your disposal at all times.


60, 30, 15, 10 minutes

Workouts of 60 minutes, 30 minutes, 15 minutes and even 10 minutes. These short workouts complement other workouts in the club perfectly.



There is plenty of choice for all audiences, energy levels and fitness levels.

What do you need?

On demand player

Including online lesson planner and statistics

Beamer and projection screen

Stereo system

Lighting plan

The right content, technology and hardware

ClubJoy can be of full service. We offer innovative packages with professional high-end virtual workouts, combined with a reliable media platform that can be fully customised to the needs of your sports club.

ClubJoy Virtual offers 50 varied, technically advanced workouts. Every quarter, a new release of each workout will be made available. The releases of at least the last 4 quarters are also available on the virtual player at all times, so members can chose from a "library" of over 400 workouts. Having fun is an integral part of the design-philosophy of our workouts. Fun workouts that can be accessed at all times are a great motivator for your members to keep training and to visit your sports club more often. Memberships will be renewed more frequently and word of mouth will let others know about your services.

To provide the necessary technology, ClubJoy Virtual® has partnered with various AV suppliers. These are specialised in the sale, installation and rental of professional audiovisual equipment for businesses. In recent years they have gained extensive knowledge of the fitness industry. ClubJoy provides a modern, reliable and user-friendly virtual fitness platform.

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