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More than € 130,000 in cash in your till over the next six weeks? This is how you do it!

May 17, 2022

Our branch is open again after a third lockdown. I don't know how you experienced it? In any case, I was pleasantly surprised that we were among the first sectors to be allowed to reopen, albeit with some restrictions. Great news! The reality, however, is that the fitness industry has been hit hard. The sounds from the market are diverse. One entrepreneur has as we speak 10% fewer members than before the first lockdown, other entrepreneurs speak of percentages of 30% or even higher. Whichever way you look at it, you need to start working. In this article I will give you five tips to get started in order to boost your cash flow immediately. CASH IS KING and in these times you need it more than ever!

Tip 1: Organise short cyclical fit challenges: invest in your fitness!
Working on a fit body is no quick fix, most fitness goals are not achieved overnight. The fact is that the Netherlands has become heavier and less fit in the corona era. Physical inactivity, eating too much and limitations to be able to move where and when you want to have fun have led to more overweight fellow countrymen. You can, no, you MUST respond to this!
In general, people are prepared to pay well for challenges that offer fitness guarantees. And certainly if they are short-lived. In other words: fast results are worth money!
Lose ten kilograms in ten weeks? It can be done! And you have the professionals to achieve this result. Tapping €250 to €350 in addition to your subscription fee is done with pleasure when a result guarantee with good guidance is offered.
Work out the action thoroughly and set yourself the target of enthusing 30, 40 or even 50 members to participate. Your labour costs are already budgeted, you need to invest a little in marketing. Walk the talk does the rest: yes, the time-honoured word-of-mouth advertising, used by your team. Based on a participation fee of € 350, you can respectively credit € 10,500 with 30, € 14,000 with 40 and € 17,500 with 50 participants.   

Tip 2: Offer subscriptions that are competitively priced for immediate payment.
Following on from the above - members really want to achieve something when they take out a membership - you could also offer competitive pricing for a fixed period to people who are interested in buying directly. You want to get fit? We can help you with that! You want to achieve and maintain a result? Then we have the perfect offer for you.
Ordinary subscriptions cost x per month. If you pay now for half a year in advance, we will give you a 20% discount on this price, and if you want to commit yourself for a year, even 30%! This offer is valid for the first 50 members who want to take advantage of it, so be quick! Give it a certain amount of exclusivity. And if you really need cash flow, I wouldn't hesitate to offer your existing members the chance to join as well. After all, they are your ambassadors. After all, you can use the following period to grow your membership at regular rates. Based on 50 half-year subscriptions at a regular monthly rate of € 40, you can rake in € 9,600. Based on 50 annual subscriptions at the same monthly rate, you can even raise €18,000. Right in the money: BOOM!

I apologise for my turbo language, it works when things are put on a bit thicker. And if you don't dare set targets, what are you going to judge yourself by?

Tip 3: Sell small group PT packages, provided by your own fitness trainers.
This tip, too, is in line with the conclusion that people really want to achieve something. Now and right now. Are you struggling to achieve your fitness goals by yourself? We are going to help you realise your goals in the next six months. Working out once a week in a small group with your own PT-er with a tailor-made schedule. In addition, you will train individually once or twice a week. We help you to achieve the best version of yourself in 25 weeks!
The price? € 599. Or € 23,96 per week for a small group PT session at a fixed time, in addition to your regular subscription fees. Note: you train in groups of up to five participants and once every six weeks you get a new schedule tailored to your goals, with personal guidance in the weekly sessions.
How many participants will you move towards small group PT? 30? Then that will earn you € 17,970 at the start. Yes, participating is paying in advance. You commit yourself as a member to a physical goal and this is extra motivated by the financial contribution. It is really worth it!
Please note: with 30 participants, you only need to free up your trainer for six to eight hours a week for the small group PT sessions. So it is extremely cost efficient!

Tip 4: Sell 50 season tickets for life
Do you want a membership for life with us, so that you never have to pay again after your first investment? You can if you invest € 1500 now! You help us and we help you. We offer this opportunity to only 50 members.
The article is about fast cash flow, you can get it! Of course you can calculate what you would lose if members would stay on and pay the fixed monthly fee year after year. You could also assume an average cancellation rate of 35% per year for clubs that perform above average. In other words, a refresh of your entire membership in less than three years. Do the math and see what the price of a three-year subscription is.
Revenue at 50 members: € 75,000.

Tip 5: Organise a raffle with fitness prizes
Sell 1000 tickets of €10 to your members and their friends and family. The main prize:
One subscription for life, second prize: ten annual subscriptions, third prize: 5 x 25 small group PT sessions, fourth prize: one personal trainer for ten weeks, fifth prize: 10 x a € 100 bar credit.
Work out what your cost price is and work out what your margin is. I say DO IT!
Proceeds with 1,000 sold lottery tickets: € 10,000. Your members know what you have been through, they want the best for you. Putting in a tenner with a chance of winning some great prizes, while I help your club. It is my pleasure to do so.

As you can see, this article is somewhat optimistic in nature and the question you can ask is whether it is realistic. Anyway, tell me. What actions are you going to roll out? Pick a few, or just do it all. Doing nothing is not an option!

May the money be with you... 😉

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