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ClubJoy offers various services for you as a group fitness instructor, such as our fifteen programmes that you can teach in the form of live workouts in your club. You'll be supported by instructional material consisting of instructor videos, music, choreography, etc. We also offer various practical group fitness instructor training courses. To keep instructors up to date, we also host quarterly inspiring ClubJoy Conventions.

Instructor training

Become a qualified group fitness instructor

The ClubJoy training courses have been specially developed to train you to become a successful ClubJoy group fitness instructor in a short amount of time with a practical hands-on approach.

We offer various general and programme-specific training courses. You can take these courses at our training location in Nijkerk. Four times a year there is a training intake in which all courses are offered.

Don't want to wait or don't have the possibility to travel to our training location yourself? Then we can organise an in-company training at your club. In-company training can be planned from one participant upwards.

ClubJoy training
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ClubJoy workouts

Group fitness programmes to support you

ClubJoy offers fourteen different balanced group fitness programmes that can be offered in your club in the form of live group fitness classes. A new release of each programme is released quarterly. The accompanying instruction videos, music and promotional materials are made available to ClubJoy affiliated fitness clubs and their instructors. In addition, you'll receive extra support through our inspiring conventions that take place at least four times a year. 

ClubJoy Conventions

Stay up to date and get inspired

ClubJoy instructors have the opportunity to be inspired and educated on their favourite programmes and on group fitness in general several times a year at our ClubJoy Conventions.

Before the start of each calendar quarter, ClubJoy organises a no-obligation convention for instructors to ensure they are well prepared and successful in launching new classes in their own clubs.

ClubJoy events conventions
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ClubJoy material

Download your instructor material from the member area

A new release of all ClubJoy programmes comes out quarterly. The instructional material for these releases is available five weeks before the start of the calendar quarter. This gives instructors ample time to prepare their new classes for launch at their clubs, starting fresh each quarter!
The instructional material can be downloaded from the member area of our website and consists of instructional videos (digital), choreographies (digital outlines and/or choreo notes), music (digital and/or on CD). In addition, various promotional materials are available so that instructors can promote their classes.

Where can you teach?

Affiliated clubs

Are you interested in teaching in several clubs? Are you just starting out or are you just in between teaching jobs? Check out the ClubLocator to see which clubs in your area are affiliated to ClubJoy. You can either contact the club yourself or ask us to do it on your behalf.

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