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HOW-TO: Make a release available for offline use

Apr 6, 2022

This how-to describes how to make a specific release (for example: Cycle 74) available for offline use.

With offline use you can learn or deliver work-outs without being connected to Wi-Fi or cellular internet.

Please note: You need to have the App open (screen on) until the downloading is finished. This takes a minute most of the time.

In 6 steps you will be able to play the release offline:

1. Navigate to the release you want to download for offline use

2. Press the download button on the right top of your screen:

3. Press 'Continue' if you are sure. If Download with mobile data is disabled, please enable the function to download the release or connect to Wi-Fi.

4. Now go to 'More' in the right corner on the bottom of your screen.

5. Then press on 'File Management' :

6. You can see if your release is downloaded and how far the download is if its still downloading.

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