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Is ClubJoy Aqua Aerobic® right for me?

ClubJoy Aqua Aerobic® is ideal for anyone who wants to train using the resistance of water. You will work on your stamina, your muscle strength and your health in a fun and safe way. This highly accessible form of exercise is also perfect for burning fat. ClubJoy Aqua Aerobic® is suitable for everyone: women and men, beginners and advanced participants, of all ages.

What can I expect from a ClubJoy Aqua Aerobic® class?

ClubJoy Aqua Aerobic® is an accessible, refreshing group workout that utilises the resistance of water. This lessens the impact on your body, which will be lower than during the traditional group classes on land. The effectiveness is twice as high however, because you can achieve the same result in half the amount of time. ClubJoy Aqua Aerobic® is low-threshold, emphasises the effective execution of exercises and is ideal if you want to work on your entire body. After the workout you'll feel fit and full of energy. 

What makes a ClubJoy Aqua® class so special?

The coach, the music and the variety of the programme ensure an optimal workout, each time you attend. You will be moving in relatively shallow water without too many interruptions and at a reasonably high tempo.

Aerobic movements are balanced with muscle-strengthening exercises. This stimulating training promotes endurance, muscle strength and overall fitness.

ClubJoy Aqua advantages

  • Music provides inspiration, motivation and fun.
  • You determine the intensity of the training.
  • Varied and challenging due to the structure of the lesson.
  • Simple and therefore suitable for everyone.
  • You will work effectively on muscle condition, muscle strengthening and fat burning.
  • Positive effect on your energy levels, body shape and overall fitness.
  • During a ClubJoy Aqua Aerobic® class you burn an average of between 250 and 400 calories.


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The ClubJoy trainings for instructors, in combination with our programmes, are designed to enable instructors to host well-balanced, well-constructed group classes with a focus on the "fun" factor. This is essential for a positive customer experience and enjoy-ability of the group lessons in a sports club.

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