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ClubJoy instructors are given the opportunity to be inspired and trained in their favourite programmes several times a year. We also organise events for club owners and/or group fitness managers which provide useful tools, measurement instruments and inspiration to help them successfully run the group fitness segments in their fitness club.

Annual planning Conventions 2024

ClubJoy Conventions

Sunday 10 March 

Saturday 25 May 

Sunday, September 29 - FestyFit

Sunday 24 November 


ClubJoy Online Convention

The Online Convention will be streamed live from various locations. There will be 14 new workout-releases available for instructors while workshops will be hosted to increase knowledge-levels. Top experts in the fitness industry will offer inspiring lectures for club managers and owners. Sports club members are also able to participate in the online releases from their club, so this online experience can be used by affiliated sports clubs as a release party!


  • Managers
  • Group fitness instructors
  • Sports club members

ClubJoy Knowledge Convention

Short workshops will be hosted during the Clubjoy Knowledge Convention to provide more in-depth information on this edition of the specific programme, up-to-date techniques and the upcoming quarter’s theme. After this we will present the latest master-classes.

An extensive programme with numerous lectures is additionally offered during the convention in cooperation with the training partner Start2Move. Knowledge combined with teaching inspiration makes this day incredibly valuable!

Target groups:

  • Group fitness instructors
  • Group fitness coordinators

ClubJoy Experience Convention

During the ClubJoy Experience, our master trainers will present the latest teaching materials in a stunning setting, on a large stage. It is also possible to attend various lectures with your management team.

Target groups:

  • Group fitness instructors
  • Group fitness coordinators
  • Managers


Inspiration & further training

ClubJoy instructors are given the opportunity to be both inspired, and trained several times a year for each Clubjoy programme. We strongly recommend attending both events. It’s our opinion, that as an employer, a sports club should make participation in both days a must. The master classes presented during the convention will boost inspiration, and the clinics will offer instructors a substantial knowledge-base of teaching skills, techniques and new developments in training methods. In short ... it provides 'the essentials' needed by instructors to function optimally and to get the most out of our programmes.

Objectives of our events:


Creating an experience that contributes to the instructors' enthusiasm.


Facilitating a sporty day out with colleagues and with other ClubJoy instructors.


Providing inspiration instructors can use to better their presentation skills.


Inspiring group fitness management teams.

Features of our events:

  • Plenty of parking space

  • Free parking

  • Adequate, clean changing rooms

  • Friendly reception

  • Good hospitality

  • Presence of many ClubJoy advisers

  • A good opportunity to find out more about ClubJoy

  • Being able to experience the latest ClubJoy programmes

  • A comprehensive programme

  • An experience that can be enjoyed by the whole team

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