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ClubJoy Virtual

ClubJoy offers a wide range of virtual workouts varying in type, intensity and duration. If you choose ClubJoy Virtual, your members will have a continuous choice of over 500 virtual workouts.

How does it work?

01. Licence
To offer ClubJoy Virtual in your club, your fitness club needs a ClubJoy Virtual licence. ClubJoy offers tremendously complete and comprehensive packages with a wide range of workouts.

The offer is composed of two sperate packages; ClubJoy Multifunctional and ClubJoy Cycling Routes.

02. Player

The on demand player is required to play virtual workouts.

ClubJoy works with a modern, reliable and user-friendly virtual fitness platform.

03. Equipment

To provide the necessary technology, ClubJoy Virtual has partnerships with various AV suppliers. These suppliers are specialised in the sales, installation and rental of professional audiovisual equipment for businesses. In recent years they have extended their specialisation into the fitness industry.

What is ClubJoy Virtual?



ClubJoy Virtual is an assortment of various virtual group fitness workouts. These workouts are displayed on a large screen in the fitness club. Fitness club members can participate in these workouts as a group or individually.



ClubJoy Virtual offers 60, 30, 15 and even 10 minute workouts. These short workouts complement other workouts available in the club, perfectly.



ClubJoy Virtual short workouts are accessible to all levels. On the workout screen, a second instructor will offer alternative options that are either lighter or heavier.



The ClubJoy Virtual offer consists of two packages:

ClubJoy Virtual Advantages

Expansion of services through efficient use of available space

Expand your services and increase the availability for group classes from 3 hours to full days, at a low cost. Utilise your available space to the maximum capacity by having it fully occupied throughout the entire day.

Attract new members

Consumers are now more critical than ever and will check all of the available offers from various sports clubs in the area, before becoming a member. A comprehensive package of services available at any time (whenever it suits them) is an important factor and will influence their choice.

Increase attendance and retention

Offer newcomers the opportunity to build on their confidence in a virtual lesson before attending live lessons.

Retain existing members with a wide range of high-quality group fitness workouts that produce results and motivate them to keep training.

Extensive range of products

ClubJoy Virtual offers an extensive library of 50 different workouts. These workouts vary in type, intensity and duration (60, 30, 15, 12 minutes). A new release of each workout is added every quarter. The last 4 quarterly releases (and often, previous ones) are continuously available on the virtual player. You effectively have a library of over 400 various workouts, available to your members at all times.

Never cancel a group lesson again

Conceptual back-up. Never sell "no".

Access to top of the range workouts

ClubJoy Virtual's workouts are carefully designed with training techniques at the forefront, under the watchful eye of the very best instructors. We produce workouts that deliver results, whilst still being "fun".

It will be motivating for instructors to see their virtual counterparts "at work", which will in turn inspire them to take their own classes to even greater heights.

Additional short workouts using On Demand

The short workouts (of 10, 15 or 30 minutes) complement the other available trainings in the club, especially for the fitness crowd.

Cinematic experience

Create a cinema-like experience with high-quality workouts and the best instructors.

Functions as a stepping stone

Virtual can function as a stepping stone to live workouts and will increases participation in live classes. More than 70% of virtual participants also take live classes.

Virtual with live instructor

Create a new kind of experience by combining live lessons with Virtual.

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