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ClubJoy launches a completely new corporate identity to match its ambitions

Jan 7, 2022

The years 2020 and 2021 will forever be remembered by every Dutch person as the period when corona dominated business and social life. That also applies to ClubJoy. Never has so much been asked of the company in its ambition to be there as a partner for its supporters. For this, ClubJoy has received a lot of credit from the industry. Yet these years at ClubJoy will also be remembered as the years in which the company rediscovered itself. ClubJoy continues to develop, and to add weight to its ambitions, the company launched a completely new corporate identity.


Connect. Get fit. Enjoy life.
With the launch of the new corporate identity comes a new tagline. This tagline concisely expresses what ClubJoy stands for. It is in line with the purpose of the company.

Connection has a multiple meaning. ClubJoy stands for a good connection with its supporters. These are primarily club owners, managers and instructors. ClubJoy works in many different ways to create a warm connection with this target group. From events to club visits, from workshops for instructors to offering management programmes for club owners. ClubJoy believes in a deep connection with its members. All this translates into a close partnership. ClubJoy chooses to put the club and its members first, and to set up services that are made for this target group in the first place. Connect is also the message that ClubJoy sends to clubs and instructors. Connect with your members! Connection is bonding. Working out together is more fun. Something that is fun is easy to maintain. The feeling of "having to" turns into a feeling of satisfaction. The weekly sports moment together no longer feels like an obligation, but is seen as something fun to look forward to. The newsletter that ClubJoy will be sending out monthly, starting in January, will be aptly titled ClubJoy Connect!

Get fit
Getting fitter is basically what it is all about. An athlete often joins a gym because of physical goals. Becoming fitter, developing stronger muscles, losing weight, developing a better condition. ClubJoy firmly believes that a physical goal is easier to achieve if the first piece is also met. Connect to get fit is the basis for achieving physical ambitions. Working out together makes it easier to achieve your physical goals!

Enjoy life
If, as a sportsman, you achieve your goals in a pleasurable way and really feel fitter, your life will be more enjoyable. This, too, is a conviction that ClubJoy propagates. It fits in with a somewhat holistic view of the whole. A healthy body nourishes a healthy mind. A healthy body and a clear mind also make it possible to make good choices for your physical, financial, relational and social ambitions. In short, working on a healthy body is a good basis for various aspects of your life!

Partnership is KEY
ClubJoy is convinced that the new look will contribute to two ambitions.

  • An even stronger market position within the Benelux.
  • Making a breakthrough on the international market.

Currently, ClubJoy is active in the Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The ambition is to gain a foothold in other European countries, and various preparations have already been made for this. All 14 live programmes are now also recorded in English. The appearance of these videos has also been raised to a higher level. The whole thing has now been given a state-of-the-art look and feel. In combination with the modified house style, this is a huge step forward! ClubJoy's proposition is clear. The company makes every effort to focus on the partnership with the club, its instructors and its members.

ClubJoy purposely chooses to only set up services that are directly for the club, its instructors and its members. What ClubJoy deliberately does not do is seek out a direct line to club members, contrary to the (inter)national developments seen with suppliers in our industry. PARTNERSHIP is the key word in ClubJoy's proposition and ambitions.

Live offer at the club, virtual training in the off-peak hours and 24/7 @home
The tagline above is a concise representation of ClubJoy's proposition. Basically, the company believes that the basis of service is provided at the club. Well-trained instructors ensure high quality lessons, the right connection with athletes and therefore real club ambassadors for your business. It happens at the club, under the guidance of a good coach. Your group lessons provide a good value proposition. This is where you stand out as a club in the middle or high segment. Members are prepared to pay for them, and above all, they stay for a long time. Investing in your group lesson segment pays off!

For the (average) 65 hours per week that your class room is not being used, there is ClubJoy Virtual. A technical solution that allows your members to choose from over 600(!!) different workouts, suitable for any time, training goal or training level. With just a small investment, you can activate your gym and ensure that a favourite workout can be started at any time of day. At this moment there are over 300 clubs in the Benelux active with ClubJoy Virtual and the product is already past the early adopter phase. More and more clubs are discovering the benefits of this investment in the group exercise room.

Finally, there is FitSnacks.TV. A tool developed to support your members outside the club. The condition is that you have to be a member of your club. Within this membership you can offer the additional service of working out at home or wherever you are, and start your favourite workout 24/7. A tool that got a boost during the coronacrisis, but also a tool that will keep a foothold afterwards. The service of the fitness club of today goes beyond the club visit itself. The future is hybrid!

All achieved through pleasant cooperation
ClubJoy sought cooperation with Peter van der Steege of Fitbrand for the realisation of the entirely new house style. The result is great and ClubJoy would like to thank Peter and his team for the pleasant cooperation and the excellent results!

Curious about what ClubJoy can do for your business?

Send a mail to info@clubjoy.nl or call 010-7420107.

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