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Want to find the way back up again quickly after corona? The solution lies with your team!

May 3, 2021

It is hard to imagine what the post-Corona period will be like. We are all looking forward to a life without all the restrictions. A life with the freedoms we are used to and which we all enjoy so much!

It is fair to say that we are starting to fall behind in our industry. Many clubs have lost 10 to as many as 25% of their members. And we would like to get them back as soon as possible. Now, we are optimistic by nature. We believe that, if we all do well, we can make a quick recovery. In fact, we believe that there is a lot of growth in it. The realisation is sinking in that a healthy body and a responsible lifestyle are a must. We can do something with that! And your team is the key to that. At Start2Move we have developed a tool to help you make the most of this opportunity. As a fitness entrepreneur/manager, ask yourself a number of critical questions to check whether you are 'post-corona' resistant

  • As an entrepreneur, are you relevant and distinctive in the competitive, high-stress and rapidly changing market?
  • Do you know how to retain good employees for the long term?
  • Are you an inspiring employer?
  • As an entrepreneur, do you know what the trends and market developments are and are you always up2date?
  • Are you ready to make your members real ambassadors of your club?
  • Do you have access to the right tools to bind your members in the long run?
  • Do you offer so-called "Lifetime Value" to your members?
If one or more questions do not result in a resounding and convincing "YES", then read on!
Start2Move launches the Lifelong Learning Academy

We set out to develop a tool that not only inspires your team members, but also helps you recruit and retain your members and ultimately turn them into ambassadors.

The corona crisis further reinforced the importance of this tool - and the speed of development - because it is precisely now that you can make the difference for your members and your team. This has resulted in the creation of the Start2Move Lifelong Learning Academy.

Added value for entrepreneurs
Qualified staff is the key to retaining members; every fitness entrepreneur will recognise this. Just like it is an added value to invest in your staff. To our amazement, we still notice in practice that entrepreneurs often regard training and refresher courses as an afterthought or not necessary. A lot is invested in hardware (read: equipment) and very little in the people who must ensure that these investments actually pay off. Keeping team members up-to-date is not easy and requires investment. An investment that we take for granted. Structural training of team members is hardly ever done at many clubs, while the service only really gains value when a team is well trained, speaks the same language and knows its specialisations. A member does not become an ambassador of your brand through fancy equipment, your members only get truly involved through the efforts of your team!

With the Start2Move Lifelong Learning Academy you as a fitness entrepreneur can invest in the development of your TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) in an accessible and unlimited way. And you don't have to worry about the logistics or organisational arrangements. The Start2Move Lifelong Learning Academy inspires, unburdens and offers structural training for your entire team at low cost.

What can you expect?

  • A platform for fitness clubs, trainers and fanatical members to educate themselves (online) without limitation on fitness, sport and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Unlimited (online) training wherever and whenever you want. As a student, you don't have to 'struggle' to study all evening, but you can learn in bite-sized chunks, small chunks, when you're on the train, at lunch or just in between meals.
  • More than 40 training programmes, courses and workshops: from weight consultant to personal trainer, from lifestyle coach to physical performance trainer; something for everyone. Personal growth for everyone is within reach.
Key words for studying at the Lifelong Learning Academy:
  • Fun: Interactive teaching methods such as videos, quizzes, webinars and various online practice tools.
  • Educational: Unlimited learning, with various accredited education and training courses, workshops, Webinars, events.
  • Comprehensive: From launch onwards, more than 30 accredited, practice-oriented training courses at every level, including online examination option and baseline measurement. Every year several new trainings and courses are added to the Academy.
  • Flexible: Study where and when you want.
  • Simple: As an employer, you pay a fixed amount per month based on the number of employees. We relieve you of the burden of getting your team to perform to the best of its ability. It is a minimum effort for you, with a high and sustainable return.
  • Connecting: By facilitating unlimited online education and training, you not only offer excellent benefits, but also encourage long-term commitment and further personal development of your employees.
Finally, as a member of the Lifelong Learning Academy, you can attend free webinars, post unlimited vacancies in the Start2Move job bank and participate in at least 2 Start2Move Events per year.

Move! Getting started
We are launching the Start2Move Lifelong Learning Academy to help you as an entrepreneur stay relevant and distinctive in today's market. Together with you, we will work on the highest conceivable level of knowledge of your instructor team. The aim is to work with an up2date and inspired team as a powerful collective towards the maximum customer experience. We raise the bar in our industry, and work with you to achieve the best possible business results for your club.

Start2Move Lifelong Learning
Knowledge is Power!

Would you like to know more about the Start2Move Lifelong Learning Academy? Mail to LLA@start2move.nl for a free online conversation with one of our account managers or to receive a brochure or other information.

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