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Jul 1, 2020

With the growing number of people wanting to live healthy and look fit, there is always a need for new instructors with fresh enthusiasm to teach group fitness classes. If you are considering taking the plunge, or know someone who is, read the article below.

Is becoming a group fitness instructor something for you?

You may have been highly motivated to become an instructor yourself by the way and enthusiasm with which a particular instructor you take classes with teaches. Many instructors, if not most, start because fitness is their passion and their outlet. Often it is not their main job. The reality is that a portion of group fitness instructors are professionals in a completely different field such as a lawyer or a primary school teacher. For many, teaching can be a nice side job. Whether someone is a full- or part-time instructor, group fitness instructors take their role as a source of knowledge, motivator, and teacher very seriously.

Where do new group fitness instructors come from?

Among the participants of the group fitness classes, there is usually someone who excels not only in loyal attendance but also in appearance, the execution of each exercise and passion for fitness. With an education and the will to learn more, this is often exactly the person who can grow into a good instructor. There are also instructors, for example, who have a dance background, their passion for fitness has steered them into the fitness industry and into teaching. Other instructors might be mothers with a part-time job who love a healthy and sporty lifestyle and want to earn some extra money. Of course, there are also many group fitness instructors who are also personal trainers and love the energy that a group exudes when they motivate them to exercise. In addition, teaching group fitness classes is interesting for PTs from the point of view of the potential clients they meet during these classes. There are also the students who do health and sports-related studies and obtain group fitness instructor diplomas during their studies. These are just a few examples.

How do you start looking for a job as an instructor?

As with many people-focused industries, establishing business relationships and networking is an important key. Get to know instructors/trainers at the club where you work out. Talk to them before and after a workout and tell them your name. Once you get to know each other better, also get to know the group fitness manager or the person responsible for hiring staff.

Ask what the requirements are to become an instructor in their club. Sometimes you may be asked to teach a few minutes. If so, choose a class or format that you are confident about. Whether it's a step, cycle or yoga class, exude confidence. Remember that an instructor is expected to lead the group, cue correctly, perform the exercises correctly and coordinate the movements and music.

Fitness chains regularly post job vacancies on their own websites. Also regularly check the Facebook pages of sports clubs in your neighbourhood. Then there are the job boards where employers in various sectors such as the fitness industry post their vacancies.

After reading the above article, are you motivated to become a ClubJoy instructor?

We offer various basic instructor training courses every quarter. These courses are specifically geared towards ClubJoy's programmes and learning to teach using pre-choreographed group classes.


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