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Latin Party

ClubJoy Latin Party

ClubJoy Latin Party is a fun dance work-out with moves from various Latin dance styles. Playful salsa moves are followed up by super-fast merengue steps, while a few minutes later, you will be working on your hips to Caribbean sounds. This class feels like a night out with friends even though you are working on a toned body. It is the perfect workout to burn fat and improve stamina. Working on your health, while having fun. Working out feels like a party with ClubJoy Latin Party. It's party time!!

Is ClubJoy Latin Party right for me?

ClubJoy Latin Party is suitable for everyone who wants to follow a complete workout while getting their groove on. Once you have tasted the festive atmosphere of this workout, you won’t want to do anything else. The class is very accessible because of the variety of options on offer. ClubJoy Latin Party is suitable for anyone who likes to party.

What does a ClubJoy Latin Party class look like?

At ClubJoy Latin Party class, it's the music that takes care of the atmosphere. The warm-up will get you in the mood to start moving your hips. You'll dance your way smoothly through a variety of Latin dance styles. The uplifting beats will ensure you'll want to dance along. Your hips and feet will loosen up and your arms and torso will flow wonderfully along with the moves. Everyone is having fun on the dance floor and you'll totally forget that you're actually effectively working on your body and health! You will go home buzzing with energy. 


ClubJoy Latin Party is part of the ClubJoy SPECIALS package

ClubJoy SPECIALS consist of nine programs, presented in 30-minute formats. The programmes can be combined to form an hour long workout. (Mix and match). The ClubJoy SPECIALS programmes can also be offered separately, as half-hour workouts.

ClubJoy SPECIALS is a complete package, offering clubs and instructors a high degree of flexibility. The ClubJoy SPECIALS programmes cannot be purchased separately.

Please find an overview of all the programmes that are part of the ClubJoy SPECIALS package here:

Latin Party

ClubJoy Latin Party advantages

  • Dancing with maximum effectiveness to improve body and mind.
  • Simple dance moves and a variety of options make the class accessible to everyone.
  • Cheerful music and a good coach provide motivation and inspiration.

ClubJoy Latin Party results

  • Improvement of your stamina, rhythm and coordination.
  • Positive impact on the abdominal, leg and buttock muscles.
  • Buzzing with positive energy.
  • During a ClubJoy Latin Party class, you burn around 225 calories.

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