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Training conditions

ClubJoy training conditions

We are pleased to see that you are interested in our instructor basic training. Below you will find important information regarding the basic training. We recommend that you read these conditions carefully. Do you still have questions after reading the training conditions? Feel free to contact the ClubJoy secretariat by calling 010 - 7420107 or sending an email to info@clubjoy.nl. We will then be happy to help you.


  1. Registration
  2. Registration for the instructor basic training is possible in two ways:
  • Registration by the fitness and/or health club where the course participant teaches, or will teach. The student will then be registered by his or her manager, by submitting the registration form provided by ClubJoy.
  • Registration by the student. In this case, the student will register directly with ClubJoy, without the intervention of a fitness and/or health club, by submitting the ClubJoy registration form.
  1. The registration becomes final after payment of the full training fee.
  2. Payment of the full training fee must take place prior to the first training day.
  3. ClubJoy is entitled to refuse participation if payment is not made on time. In such cases, ClubJoy shall contact the student, or fitness and/or health club, at the latest one working day prior to the first day of training.


  1. The training
    1. The instructor basic training consists of five full course days, with a minimum duration of six hours per course day, and one exam day.
    2. The student will receive the following training material prior to and during the training:
  • The training manual (digital).
  • A CD of the respective programme edition.
  • Outlines of the relevant programme edition.
  • The instructor only video of the respective programme release.
    1. Although the basic training includes three general training days, focusing on essential teaching skills, the student is trained as an instructor for one specific ClubJoy programme.
    2. The costs for following the instructor basic training course are € 399,- per person, excluding VAT.
    3. Lunch is not included during training and examination days. The student should therefore bring his own packed lunch.




  1. Location
  2. a) The instructor basic training takes place at M&M The Next in Nijkerk.
  3. b) The training location is near the A28 motorway and has its own spacious parking facilities.
  4. (c) Contact details of the training site:

M&M The Next

Henri Nouwen Street 2

3863 HV Nijkerk

T: 033-2452406

E: info@memthenext.nl


  1. Abbreviated training
  2. For more experienced instructors, there is the possibility of following a shortened basic training, provided that the instructor demonstrably masters the basic competences of teaching to music.
  3. The shortened training course lasts three days and is explicitly intended only for experienced instructors who have already received one or more group fitness-oriented training courses.
  4. Registration for the abbreviated instructor basic training takes place in the same manner as registration for the regular training (see article 1 under a), however stating the group fitness training(s) and teaching experience received by the instructor.
  5. The ClubJoy training manager determines whether the instructor is eligible for the shortened training course, based on the data and information provided on the application form.
  6. The costs for following an abridged instructor basic course are € 299,- per person, excluding VAT.


  1. Exam
  2. (a) Part of the instructor basic training is one live examination per participating student.
  3. (b) After successful completion of the live examination, the student will receive a programme-specific certificate, which proves that the student has successfully completed the instructor basic training for the chosen programme.
  4. c) If, after taking the examination, it appears that the student still does not possess the basic competencies of teaching, the student has failed the examination and he or she will be invited to take a re-examination. The costs for a re-examination are € 49,- per person, excluding VAT.
  5. d) It is not possible to take a (re)examination by sending a DVD/video.


  1. Notification
  2. Participation in the basic instructor course can be cancelled free of charge by the course member or by the fitness or health club where the course member works at the latest three days prior to the first training day.
  3. Cancellation is possible via the e-mail address info@clubjoy.nl or by telephone on +31 (0)10 - 7420107 (available from Monday to Thursday from 09:30 to 16:30).
  4. If the student does not appear on the first day of training without timely cancellation, the full training fee is due.
  5. The student can - depending on his or her teaching skills and knowledge - join the course at a later date. Enrolment is possible until training day three. In such a case, the student must be aware that the chance of a resit increases, which risk is fully borne by the student.
  6. If a course participant is no longer able or willing to participate in a ClubJoy course, another person can take his/her place, provided the first training day of the course in question has not yet taken place. In such a situation, this should be communicated to ClubJoy in writing (via email) prior to the first day of training at all times.


  1. Suspension
  2. If for any reason the course participant is unexpectedly unable to attend the training course for which he is enrolled, the course participant may suspend his participation in the instructor basic training course free of charge. The course participant can then participate in the next training round.
  3. The right to suspend participation in the basic training lapses after six months, counting from the date on which the course participant would originally have participated in his or her first training day.
  4. If the course participant has not participated in the basic training within the period of six months, the right to participate shall lapse, without any right to refund of the training fees already paid.
  5. The student may take an examination free of charge up to six months after the start of the training within the programme for which he has been trained.
  6. If, after a period of six months - counting from the starting date of the training course - the course participant still wishes to take the examination in the programme concerned, the costs for taking a re-examination are applicable, namely €49,- per person excluding VAT.



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